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We have also had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places in China, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Bali. We have archived all of our travels and living experiences abroad; and if you wish, you can read about our adventures by finding the archives on the right of this page and by checking our Photo Album.

We appreciate all of our family and friends who have stayed in touch and emailed us with encouraging words throughout the year. We hope you will continue to keep us in your thoughts as we continue our adventure of living abroad teaching at an international school. For those who have stumbled upon our site, check out the "About Eric and Jamie" section on the right for more information.

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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
- Mark Twain

"Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends."
- Maya Angelou






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Monday, June 29, 2009

Checking In...

Jamie and I are now in Bainbridge (south Georgia) visiting her dad. I haven't posted in while, but we've been in Panama City Beach, FL with her parents. I spent the vacation sick most of days and Jamie has been sick off and on. We both feel fine now and are enjoying Zaxby's, seafood, and country cooking.

We'll be here for the next few days and then head to Tennessee to visit my family for about 9 days.

For those seeing our article in the Daily Tribune newspaper in Cartersville, welcome to our blog. If you go to right side and scroll down, you'll see the archives of our blogs from the previous year. If you go to last August, it begins our journey of China as well as the many places we've visited. Our Google Web Album is public and available for anyone to view and you can see pictures from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Cambodia, Bali, and Thailand. I lost count on how many pictures, but it would take a while to read all of the blog entries and view the pictures.

Feel free to email me anytime if you have any questions. We would love to hear from some of you.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're Home! but...

Jamie and I arrived in Atlanta on 11:3o am on Sunday and were met by our parents at the airport. We then went to Gary and Kathy's house for a welcoming dinner of BBQ pork, Brunswick stew, potato salad, cole slaw, with homemade ice cream.

Our first couple of days here haven't been so happy because we both have been quite sick. Jamie has continued to have problems with her stomach and has been in and out of the doctor's office. She is feeling much better but has been up and down all week. I went to the doctor yesterday due to a sore throat. My strep test was negative, but the doctor said he believed I still had it. Who knows. I feel somewhat better today (Tuesday), but have been sleeping quite a bit.

So, our happy homecoming has started off to a shaky start due to our illnesses, but we hope to bounce back and have a great summer ahead of us.

We are home now and have purchased a Go Phone. If you wish, you can always reach us via email at the top of this page, or on our new phone 678-848-3780.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Delayed in Toronto

Our flight from Hong Kong to Toronto was delayed due to a volcano in Alaska. The captain of the plane came on and said they were going to have to re-route us after they had talked to the "volcano people." We left Hong Kong 45 minutes late after a pretty busy morning finalizing packing and plans for Griffey.

Because of the late departure, our flight into Hong Kong was late and we missed our connection to Atlanta. Apparently, Torontoians at the airport do not stay up later than 9:00 pm, because there were a ton of people on our flight that missed connections into the U.S. and there were no other flights. So, the airline put us up in a hotel for the night and gave us some food vouchers. Since they do not serve breakfast until after we leave in the morning, we had $50 Canadian to spend in the hotel restaurant.

I ordered a cheeseburger with bacon. Apparently, when you ask for bacon in Canada, they give you Canadian bacon, also known as ham. Thus, my "hamburger" actually had ham on it. Jamie go the wings where were just sweet, not spicy. Oh, those crazy Canucks!!!

Now, we leave Toronta tomorrow morning at 9:00 am and should arrive in Atlanta at 11:00 am Sunday morning. Long journey became longer, but at least we are safe and in the right hemisphere, not the right country.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Year 1 Abroad in the Books!

I'm typing this right at 4:00 on Friday, which somewhat officially ends our school year. Technically, we have to meet with our Director in the morning for a final meeting, but we are finished. It has been quite a memorable year, and Jamie and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to see and do so much in just this one year. Time will tell how much more we will see next year and the many experiences we will share together and with our family and friends; but if it even compares to this year, it will be a sensational.

To recap, Jamie and I moved to Shekou, China on July 31, 2008 to begin teaching at an international school here. We both taught 12 year old Reading, Language Arts, Math, and Cultural Studies. While this isn't right down our alley as far as what we wanted to teach, the opportunity to teach in China has been simply amazing and something we couldn't pass up. In addition to teaching, we have been quite busy traveling to various countries. We traveled to Cambodia in September for 9 days, Thailand in December for 19 days, Beijing for 5 days, Hong Kong numerous times, Macau 2 times, and Bali for 8 days in May. Up next, we'll travel back to Beijing, as well as Xi'an, Guilin, Yangshuo in China as well as the Philippines for 2 weeks in August. Our travel plans for this upcoming year are not entirely decided, but we have thought about New Zealand and Vietnam and possibly Laos or Japan. The possibilities are endless, and it has become a large part of our lives.

As for our trips this year, we can 100% say that Cambodia was our favorite. We aren't sure if it was because it was our first trip in Asia or just because it was that amazing, but the entire trip set us up for a spectacular year traveling. Jamie and I miss Cambodia quite a bit and plan on returning in the future.

As for now, we are surrounded by boxes in our apartment and packing them up so they can be moved over the summer to our new apartment. It is only 2 buildings down, but the most important move will be for Griffey. Our AYI is coming be a couple of times a day to take care of him. I am a bit concerned, but it was our only option. I think he will be fine, but it'll be a long summer for him. Jamie is sick right now with some sort of stomach issue, so these last few days in China haven't been the greatest for her.

We'll pack up the rest of everything tonight and then head out for Hong Kong airport tomorrow about Noon. Our flight leaves at 3:00 pm or so and we'll land in Atlanta around 10:30 after a stopover in Toronto.

I just wanted to get down some of my thoughts and hopefully people haven't stopped reading this. We'll be updating some this summer, but most of the updating will be when we return on July 21 to travel around China and then to the Philippines.

We are excited to going home for a while. China has been good, but there is nothing like the USA.

Friday, June 5, 2009

One Week Remaining

We are just winding things down. We had our end of the year party last night at Gaucho's, our favorite Brazilian style BBQ restaurant. Jamie and I are packing up some of the apartment this weekend. Not much to do really. We haven't really accumulated a bunch of stuff for obvious reasons, but we'll have to have everything ready to go so they can move us to our new apartment over the summer. Our AYI will help; and she'll be taking care of Griffey.

In exactly 7 days and a few hours, we'll be boarding for our flight to go home for the summer. This week at school is like typical last weeks of school around the world - the kids really don't do anything. Our textbooks were due yesterday and the grades were due a week ago. Student/faculty volleyball and kickball games are scheduled which should be fun, and Jamie and I are taking our students down to to SeaWorld for a morning.

We'll be dining with some friends we've met but who are leaving, and boxing up some of the things in our classrooms for moving to a new room next year. Jamie is teaching science and will have a rather large room in the main campus. My room is right across from hers and is a decent size but has a small view of the mountain here in Shekou at least.

We are ready to come home and see family and friends. Anyone reading this, be sure to email me if you want to grab lunch or something. Here is our schedule. I'll keep it posted, so you'll know...

Here is our summer schedule once we leave Hong Kong on June 13:

June 13 - arrive late at night to Atlanta

June 14 - June 16 = Cartersville

June 17 - June 26 = Panama City Beach

June 27 - July 2 = South Georgia

July 3 - July 12 - Calhoun (We'll drive down on the 5th for Granny's birthday, then back to TN)

July 13 - July 19 - Cartersville

July 20 - Leave Atlanta for Hong Kong (Mom, Dad, and Niece are with us)

July 21 - August 6 - touring China

August 7 - August 21 - touring Philippines (just me and Jamie)

August 24 - We report for pre-planning

August 27 - 1st day of school

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