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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lesson # 3 - China's Geography

Check it out. Here's China. So far, you've learned about the Chinese population and the Chinese government. Perhaps geography should have been first in our lessons, but you can always read them 3, 2, 1 if that'll make you feel better. China is the 3rd largest nation in the world behind Russia and Canada. The U.S. comes in at 4th, but barely. Because of its size and dynamic elevation changes, China's climate can be very diverse ranging from tropical in the southern areas to a subarctic in the northern region. China's landscape can be described as 4 stairsteps lowering in elevation from the west (Tibet and Himalayas) to east (Pacific Ocean). Most of the rivers begin in the highest tier of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, including the Yangtze and the Yellow Rivers. The Yangtze is China's longest river and the the 3rd longest river in the world behind the Nile and Amazon. Along with Egypt (Nile), Mesopotamia (Tigris and Euphrates), and the India (Indus River), China's Yellow River was one of the ancient civilizations and most advanced. Jamie and I will actually be near the mouth of the Pearl River, south China's largest river which empties into the South China Sea. Lastly in regards to rivers, China has the oldest and largest man made river in the Grand Canal, which links 5 major rivers: Haihe, Yellow, Huaihe, Yangtze and Qiantang.

This just scratches the surface of China's geography. Obviously, you can take entire upper level courses at a university on China's geography. In the next few days, I'll try and post about China's political geography, which other than the names, is not as complicated as you would think.

21 days to go. We've learned that our foreign visas have been processed and should be in hand by the end of the week. Truck still for sale so in anyone knows anyone who needs a great truck, let us know.

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