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Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy and Boring Weeks

As you can tell from the lack of posts, things here have slowed down considerably. Living in China has just become a way of life and the grind of work is just like that of home. The weather here has been chillier than the previous few weeks, and it has started to rain.

Yesterday, we treated ourselves at a Brazilian restaurant where they bring various types of meat around on skewers and cut them off for you. It was the most meat Jamie and I have eaten in quite some time and was very delicious. The cost is normally pretty outrageous, but they have lunch deals on the weekends for only about $10 per person, all you can eat! Sweet!

We have progressed through the month of February without going to Hong Kong and have spent every weekend for hours and hours on our dissertations. As of today, I have completed Chapter 1 and 3 and working on Chapter 2 while I await for revisions. Jamie has completed Chapter 1 and is currently working on Chapter 2.

We have a short week this week with students as 2 days are eaten up with parent-teacher conferences and we do not have to go on Friday. Jamie and I are going with some friends of ours to Macau and touring the old city, temples, churches, as well as enjoying some of the entertainment Macau has to offer. It'll be a nice getaway after a rather busy but boring few weeks.

We are still awaiting for the end of April so we can go to Bali, Indonesia. This will certainly be a great and relaxing trip. My personal goal is to use the time reading in our new Kindles or working to revise my dissertation if necessary. It will certainly be necessary, but at least it is revision instead of writing.

Griffey has adjusted quite well to China and enjoys his daily walks. He is walked more here than at home, and he LOVES the trillions of smells China has to offer. As a side note, these are not the best smells in the world, but for a beagle, it is heaven!

Would love to hear from some people as it has been a while. I hear from some people on Facebook occasionally. Don't forget to drop a comment here or email us at our emails above. I'll be sure and post some additional pictures of Macau this weekend and certainly share with you Bali when we get there. If you haven't checked out our trip to Beijing yet for Chinese New Year, they are in the photo album and most have captions. I have slowed on the video uploads and the Internet has been sluggish around here lately.

All for now. We hope everyone has a great week!

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