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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hong Kong/Macau/Shekou

From Hong Kong

Blogspot is blocked here in China, so I'm having to go through a proxy to post this. I won't be able to post any pictures, but you can always go to our photo album and see the pictures. I took ones mainly from Hong Kong including some pretty incredible shots from Hong Kong at night atop Victoria Peak. We have had a great time so far in Hong Kong, Macau, and Shekou. Because our Internet has been down in the apartment, we have to go to Starbucks to post. No big deal, but somewhat inconvenient. Such is the life living abroad I guess.

On Wednesday, after leaving our little small Dragon Hostel, we had a fully day touring Hong Kong as we drank tea at the Intercontinental Hotel, took the famous Star Ferry across Victoria Bay to ride up Soho's mid-level escalators, and we ate lunch at a little Spanish restaurant called Rico's. We then took walked and took the trolley to Pacific Place Mall and saw Ice Age 3 in 3D at one of my favorite movie theaters in Hong Kong. After the movie, we took the MTR to Victoria Park for a quick stroll before heading up to Victoria Peak to eat at Bubba Gump's Shrimp and then see the stunning view from the peak overlooking Hong Kong. It was an amazingly clear night and I was able to take some great pictures.

On Thursday, after buying Dad a new backpack in Hong Kong, we took the ferry to Macau where we checked into our hotel, the Metropark Macau. We then bought some tickets for Mom, Dad, and Samantha to see the Cirque de Soliel show Zaia at the Venetian Hotel and Casino. The show didn't start until 8:00, so we all ate at Fatburger at the Venetian. They all loved the performance, but we were all dead tired afterward. Jamie and I actually fell asleep waiting for the show to end.

July 24th - Samantha's Birthday. On Friday, we headed out for Coloanna, a small island just south of Macau and one of still a great deal of Portuguese influence in the architecture and small churches. We ate at the famous Lord Stowe's Bakery and had their Portuguese egg tarts - they are always so delicious. Afterwards, we took the bus back to Senada Square in Macau to see the ruins of St. Paul's Cathedral, the oldest known cathedral built in Southeast Asia. We ate a Macanese restaurant, which is a blend of Chinese, Portuguese, and African flavors. We then took a ferry back to Shekou and settled in for the night. Our favorite restaurant here in Shekou, Red Lantern, is back open, so Jamie and I have been excited to eat there. They had moved, however, so we couldn't find it. We settled on some Pizza Hut because everyone was so hungry and not too adventurous for Chinese cuisine just yet.

Saturday. Jamie and I took everyone to see our classrooms at the middle school and the main campus and we had breakfast at our favorite little bakery. The ladies in there genuinely seemed excited to see us (probably because 50% of their profits come from us). Next was a quick trip to Wal-Mart and then a bus ride to our favorite sushi restaurant at Coastal City mall. We relaxed around the apartment for the afternoon before going to "6," the restaurant I've mentioned several times where the entire family can eat for $4. We had so much food left over we boxed it up to give to the homeless on the street. Dessert consisted of KFC chocolate sundaes where I forced Mom, Dad, and Samantha to order it themselves while Griffey and I waited outside.

Speaking of Griffey, he is fine but he had scratched himself too hard, so he has a nasty cut which became infected. The vet gave me to antibiotics to put on it as well as some pills, so Griffey should be good to go soon, except for a little shave around his sore.

Overall, great trip so far. We have the day here in Shekou to relax again, but we have a trip to the preschool as well as finally eating at our favorite restaurant, Red Lantern.

Not sure I'll be able to post until we settled in Beijing. I uploaded some pictures of Hong Kong. Dad mainly took the ones on Macau and Shekou. If he lets me, I'll post them here too.

Check out the PHOTO ALBUM, which I could link if I could...

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