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Friday, February 10, 2012

Dubai 2012 Long Weekend Day 1

James' visa finally came in on Tuesday, February 7, so I quickly booked a flight and room to Dubai for our 4 day weekend. We had been wanting to take him on a trip, so we thought we'd celebrate his 14 weeks of life in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai.  On Thursday morning, we headed out by 7:00 am to the Bahrain airport.  After thinking we wouldn't make it in time due to the Bahrain morning traffic, we safely boarded our plane and we off on the 1 hour flight to Dubai.  James was a little fussy only while waiting in line to board.  That was only because he was hungry.  Once we were on board, Jamie fed him and he was good to go.  Didn't fuss the entire trip.  We counted that he'll have 10 more take off and landings in the next 6 months, so he better get used to it.  Our goal is for him to be a champion traveler at an early age.

Dubai airport is beautiful and easy, and after a quick stop at the Duty Free (thank you Jack D.), we took the monorail toward our hotel.  James became quite fussy then, so we decided to stop 1 stop early at the Mall of Emirates.  After feeding him at Cold Stone and treating ourselves, we took a quick taxi to our hotel, The Rose Garden Hotel Apartments.  The room is nice and it has a full kitchen in it.  We rested a while before heading back out, taking the Metro (which was only 1 block from our hotel) back to the Mall of Emirates.  After walking the mall for a while shopping around, we ate at a place called Sezzam which was at the bottom of the Ski Dubai.  Ski Dubai is a large indoor skiing course.  Please remember that Dubai is in a desert.  When you get board, look up Dubai and notice all of the insane things that oil money can buy a country, including a fully operational ski slope inside of a mall.  If you've been to Colorado or any other ski town, it is not that big of a deal, but it is touristy and something to see.  We ate Indian food at Sezzam and it was wonderful.  They even served my favorite beer.  Alcohol is legal in Dubai but only sold at hotel restaurants and licensed bars.

After dinner, we walked around the Mall of Emirates a little longer before heading in for the night.  James was great for the night but has begun to get fussy.  We believe he might be teething.  Tomorrow, we'll head to the Dubai Mall to see some of the sites around there.  

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