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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

South Korea Study Trip - Day 3

I'm sure today will be one the days the students look back on and remember the most.  After a late start (some kids decided to sleep in), we headed out for a 3 hour bus ride to Mt. Seoraksan.  Most of the students were able to catch up on some sleep, which is good considering a couple of them had long nights (not to worry).

At the first sight of snow on the mountains, the kids went wild and stayed excited for the rest of the day.  A couple of the students said they had never seen or touched snow before, so it was a great experience for them. 

Lunch was just outside the park at a nice little restaurant where we had fried fish, rice, and veggies.  Great place for us to jump start our day. 

We arrived at Mt. Seoraksan and the wind chill bore down on us.  We originally were scheduled to ride a cable car to the top of the mountain and do some hiking, but the wind was blowing too hard, they were not running the cable cars up the mountain.  After posing for a photo op, the kids immediately began their snow fight.  I had to show them how it was really done, but once again... I tire way too easily now and it was 15 against 1.  

We had still planned on hiking a little today, but decided to completely switch plans.  We walked up to see a Buddha statue and then informed the students that they would have the rest of the day at Waterpia, an indoor water park that was very near to our hotel for the night, the Hanwha Resort

Waterpia had a wave pool, a few kids sections, an outdoor/indoor lazy river, and a rather large indoor water slide that I bet the kids rode 10 times each.  I even rode it 3 times it was that much fun.  I am pretty sure they all enjoyed themselves and they were able to snack and eat some ice cream too.

After Waterpia, we immediately went straight to the hotel where Michelle checked us into our rooms and had pizza waiting for us.  After a pizza dinner, we broke up into boys and girls for some journaling time and time for them to collaborate on their A to Z book.  If have attached the assignment sheet for the A to Z book.  It was Mrs. Barnhouse's idea and Mathurine and I put the details together.  I am pretty happy about it and think it will be a great way for the students to reflect on their trip and have a wonderful self made souvenir.  

We'll try the cable car again tomorrow and then we have a rail bike ride along an old railroad line that connect North and South Korea.

I have updated the photos, so please go to the following link for pictures from today...

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