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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Extremely Lost in Translation

Today, Jamie went with a group of women to look at fabric. Just that, fabric. She didn't buy any because she thought I was buying a TV.

I went to a local electronics store to check into buying a TV. I found one I liked and thought it was a decent deal. The guy at the electronics store spoke "a little" English. First, I couldn't use a credit card which would have solved all of my problems. I told him that I needed to go get some money at the ATM. They also needed to know my address so they could deliver it. It took 7 Chinese men standing around looking at the English translation of my address before they finally gave up. They said I could just wait until it is delivered to the store and take it home in a cab. This was fine with me, but I still needed money.

So off I went to the ATM accompanied with one of their workers. I tried taking out some RMB, but the ATM didn't dispense the money. I wasn't leaving that bank until I had some answers. The receipt showed that money was debited. One hour later and several phone calls later, they told me I'd have to come back on Monday when the manager was there. I took all of the appropriate paperwork and receipts and now I'm just praying that I'll see that money. There is a slight chance that the money never left my account.

Despite this, I went to another ATM and tried to get some money to buy my TV. I could only take out so much and it only have me half of what I needed. So, after all of that, I still have no TV. No big deal I guess other than the frustration of 2.5 hours for nothing.

Not sure what will happen. We may be out that money, but I'm hoping not. We'll see.

In other news, check out what this couple decided to do for their divorce settlement in Cambodia. Talk about a House Divided.

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