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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
- Mark Twain

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- Maya Angelou






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Monday, October 13, 2008

Finally, I think...

Couple of things for today.

The banking incident turned out to be ok, at least for now. We went by yesterday and they explained that their ATM showed no extra money. We'll continue to check our account, but I actually feel OK about this for now.

I've spent about every waking minute worry about my dissertation topic. I've changed my mind about 3 times in the past 2 weeks. After discussing this with my mentor last night for almost an hour, I think I am going to pursue a qualitative study comparing the teaching strategies of world history teachers in China and the United States. I know, I know - world changing stuff and soon to be a best seller. Of course, all of this could change in the next 2 weeks, and I'm back to the drawing board.

Regular week here at QSI Shekou Middle School. We have "Spirit Week" next week which is similar to Homecoming in the states, because each day we dress up as something different. We'll see how many international students dress up for "Bling Bling Day." I'll bring along my camera and take some pictures. Might be a hoot!

Jamie and I are both engulfed in the Presidential Election coverage. Having taught AP U.S. Government last year, we've been politics junkies for the last 2 years now. Such is either really healthy or really dangerous for our lives. We honestly cannot believe the ignorance and downright stupidity that some people have. Actually, we can believe it because it is so apparent.

On a bright note, the market jumped over 900 points today; but so did the price of a barrel of oil. What one hand giveth, the other taketh away. Sounds like McCain's health plan.

OK. That was more than a couple of things, but I'm sure you will agree that is was the most informative things you've ever read. Have a great evening!


Casey said...

It must be really interesting for political junkies being in China during this presidential race and getting such a different perspective.

It doesnt compare in the least, but I was in England when Hillary made her concession speech and it was definitely a unique experience.

Eric Brown said...

It is interesting and a bit different because no one really care. We kinda miss the fact that we don't get to debate as much with people from back home. Couple of people at school here have an opinion, but not much. I think there will be more of a reaction if Obama is elected rather than McCain. I'm sure most of the world will see McSame as another "W," - God help us all.

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