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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mental School, I mean Middle, Music Social

Tonight was the QSI Middle School "Music Social." It was really a dance, but if you call it a dance, kids won't show up or dance. They all knew it, but it certainly sounded better. We had Hypa-thermia perform. Hypa-thermia is our very own middle school rock band made up of 4 middle school girls. Despite some sound troubles with the mics, they did a really really good job. DJing the event was a 13 year old middle school student who did as well as any professional night club DJ in Atlanta. I was impressed with his music selection.

The student council sponsored the event, and as sponsor, I had to help oversee things. All in all, it was a fun night. You can see some pictures at the bottom in the slideshow section.

Also, I've added some pictures to the Hong Kong album. Not much, but there are some night pictures of the city.

I worked today on transferring all of my pictures on my computer through the last 4 years onto Google Photos. I transferred over 2800 pictures and have them separated by albums. The photos include everything from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Savannah, Georgia. Some personal pictures of family Christmas's are in there too. Feel free to check them out as for now, I've made all of the public. I am actually in the process of clearing some room on my computer, so I'm transferring some things around and placing them online as well on CD's.

You can view all of the albums HERE at my Google Photo Homepage.

I've been busy the last two days booking 2 separate trips that Jamie and I have upcoming.

Next weekend, we are going to Macau to see the Cirque de Solei performance of Zaia at the Venetian Casino in Macau. We are staying at a nice little hotel in Macau which came highly recommended. We are leaving Friday right after school and will return on Sunday. From what we've heard, the show is amazing. I'll be sure to post some pictures of Macau as well as tell you about the show next Sunday. So check back.

From December 15 - 29, Jamie and I will be traveling through Thailand. We are flying into Bangkok and staying at a nice little hostel called Suk11. Feel free to Google search it. We aren't exactly sure of our plans yet, but we are thinking of making a trip to Chang Mai to see the famous temples and elephant reserve as well as Koh Chang island for some beach relaxation. Nothing is set in stone yet and our trip will probably include long bus rides, ferry rides, and train rides. Fun! Over the holidays, you can check the blog as I will be trying to update our travels in Thailand. I'm sure Internet connection will be available somewhere.

Hope all is well with everyone back in America. Other than Facebook, I haven't heard from anyone via email in a while. Feel free to drop me a note.
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