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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Macau - Birthday Celebration

Here is a picture from our hotel, Pousada de Coloana, in Macau. We arrived here Friday night by ferry from Shekou. It took us about an hour on the ferry. We were told that we could save some money by taking a free shuttle to the Venetian hotel, then taking a taxi to our hotel. It did help, but it took us about an hour longer to get here. First time going places can be a drag as you don't know where you are going.

We just ate at the hotel restaurant Friday night. Jamie had what was basically vegetable soup with chicken (bone, skin, and all) while I had the duck with rice Portuguese style. It was quite yummy.

Saturday morning, we decided to hang out in Coloane, a small little village where our hotel is located and the furthest south of the Macau islands. The most famous feature of this little village is Lord Stowe's Bakery, which is the home of the famous Portuguese egg tart. They were delicious! Jamie and I will go back there again on Sunday morning just to have some of those. We walked around the village and even played on some pretty cool playground equipment. You can check out our photos down below, or check out out our Google photo page HERE.

We napped for a bit afterwards and then took the bus into Cotai Strip (the little piece of reclaimed land between Macau and Coloane islands that has been transferred into nothing but huge fancy casino hotels including the Venetian). We ate at the famous Fat Burger for a snack and then saw the Cirque de Soleil show "Zaia". Here is the link to the show's website. From there you can see pictures of the Venetian hotel and casion too. Pretty amazing. It is now the largest hotel in the world.

The Zaia performance was simply amazing. The theater itself took 3 years to build and had a price tag of $150 million. There are 75 stage hands and 115 performers for every show from 7 different nationalities. The entire performance is sung to a made up language that derives from Hindi phonemes. There are over 1500 hand made costumes and the performers each spend 1 - 2 hours putting on their make up for each performance. The large globe in the center moves on 3 axes and weighs 4000 pounds. The show itself is an odd tale of girl's desire to be an astronaut who ends up faling in love as she travels the world. We both thought the story was a stretch but each scene, 10 total, was simply spectacular! The Venetian Macau Theater is the only place in the world to see the performance, which is a shame considering that there won't be too many westerners that will be able to see it.

Tomorrow, we'll spend some time walking around downtown Macau and seeing some temples. Casinos are the draw to this island, but there is quite a bit to do here other than gamble. The gambling at the Venetian was twice the table limits as there is in Vegas, so we didn't even attempt. We ended our evening by going to the Blue Frog Bar and Grill inside the Venetian. It was western food and quite delicious.

We hope everyone back home is enjoying the weekend as much as we are. I plan on trying to stay up for the UT "upset" (good grief) of Vanderbilt. UGA is off, so I'm sure as I am typing this now at 9:30, Jamie is already asleep. Good night!
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