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Monday, November 3, 2008

Georgia Voters from China

Well, Jamie and I received our ballots today. We filled them out and will mail them tomorrow. They won't actually count because we are too late. There was some sort of mix up in mailing them, so we'll be too late, but at least we can say we filled out a ballot and voted. We'll get it figured out if there is a next time.

Busy week for us as we have parent conferences until 8:45 pm on Wednesday and Thursday. We do get Friday off, but have to be back Sunday night for some professional development and training. The PD will continue on Monday and Tuesday, so the students enjoy a 5 day weekend. We'll enjoy the short week of only 3 days after the PD. Jamie and I are leading one of the sessions on assessment in social studies.

That's all folks. We sincerely hope you all do your civic duty and go vote on Tuesday. We are excited about watching the results come in on Wednesday morning. We've already decided to give our kids busy work as we watch either Slingbox or stay updated on CNN online. At least we won't have to stay up all night to catch the results like you all will.

We hope you are enjoying your Daylight Savings Time. We certainly are not as it pushes our phone calls an hour later in the evening if we want to accomplish anything. The time difference is now 13 hours from EST. Interestingly, if you took a direct flight from China to Atlanta, you would actually arrive one hour before you took off. Pretty cool!

Happy Election Day America! Democracy at its finest.


Casey said...

Wow, the results of your presidential poll kind of surprises me. Personally, I hope it doesnt end up that way, but I'm used to being on the losing side.

Sounds like you have both planned out a perfect day for the electoral results. Enjoy!

Eric Brown said...

Should be fun to watch. I'm hoping the same as you. I think that OB will win, but it might be closer. You never know what people will do when they get to the polls.

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