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- Mark Twain

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Monday, December 15, 2008

Bangkok Day 3

After yesterday, Jamie and I decided to take it easier today. We went to Lumphini Park to hang out for a while and even did some paddle boating around their little lake. Of the pictures of Day 3 in Bangkok, see below or the photo album, the statue is of King Mongkutklao and the giant lizards are, well, giant lizards. Jamie found a black cat that she considered a "wild cat." After our adventure in the park, we ate some delicious street food and tried to find the National History Museum, but couldn't find it. We did see Chulalongkom University. We had wanted to see another movie, so we went back to Siam Square and shopped around until the movie started at 5:45. We had 3 hours to kill, so we just shopped around for Jamie a camera and me a backpack. Jamie's camera can't be charged, so we'll either have to find another charger (harder than it looks over here) or buy her another one. She's opting for another camera while I would like to find the $3 charger.

Not many English movies to choose from, so we decided to see Burn After Reading with John Malkovich, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt. It was independent filmish, but very dry humor. Overall, a decent but forgetable movie. Definately a renter for those of you in US.

Tomorrow, we'll probably take the Skytrain to the river and explore the riverboats and ferries. There is one more temple we really want to see and we'll probably end up at the National Museum or Art Gallery. We are enjoying the street food over here. So far, we love the chicken or beef on a stick, rice "cakes," and Jamie tried a beef with rice dish today that was excellent. Chicken on a stick will run you about 5 baht (about 18 cents) while other dishes will run about 20 baht (75 cents). All in all, we are eating our lunches and dinners at these places for about $2. This is good because our Mexican meal the first day was about $18. It is amazing how you get used to not spending a lot on food, so when we do buy food that cost us regular US dollar amounts, we are taken aback. We'll have just outright sticker shock when we go back home for the summer. Nonetheless, we are looking forward our first day's meal which will be Chik-fil-A for breakfast, Zaxby's for lunch, and Chili's for dinner. Book it!

As for now, we are LOVING the Southeast Asian food. The spices and combinations they use are amazingly delicious.

Jamie and I do not purchase a lot, if any, souvenirs of the places we visit. We have collectively decided to purchase a cookbook for every area we visit. So far, we have a Mexican, Wyoming, etc. We did not purchase one in Cambodia because they were hard to find, but found one today at a bookstore. We'll no doubt find a Thai cookbook. I'm excited for Jamie to cook some of these dishes back home for our family and friends in the states. You'll have to harrass her about it.

All for now, sawasdee krab!
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1 comment:

Casey said...

It's amazing how inexpensive food can be in some other countries.

I'm enjoying reading about the trip. Sounds like you all are having fun.

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