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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What's Going On

Like Marvin Gaye used to say.

Well, Thailand is looking iffy, but we are still optimistic. As long as we can fly in, we'll be fine. The protesters just need to move. Clearly they do not understand that Jamie and I are trying to get into the country. Perhaps I'll send them an email or update my Facebook status so they can see that I'm trying to get in. That should do the trick. I'll keep you updated. What will we do if we don't get to go to Thailand. Other than cry like Notre Dame fan, we'll look for ways to change the plane ticket to another location or just hang out in China with 1.3 billion other people. There is a lot to see here too all accessible by train. We will not be spending our time in Shekou for 3 weeks... Ouch!

Griffey will be on his way sometime after the very first of the year. I'm excited about this. His paper work is about set and we'll be making arrangements for that. I'll also keep you updated and let you know when he'll be flying. If something happens to him on the plane, you can rest assured I will "set the building on fire" (anyone seen Office Space?)

Jamie and I have just 8 more days of school after today. The kids are winding up for the break but so are we. Our grades are due on Friday, so we will be expected to keep them busy the last week of school. Go figure.

It is now official. My beloved Vols have hired Lane Kiffin to be the next head coach. I have mixed feelings about this and was sad to see Fulmer's last game. I'm glad they won though. I'm optimistic about Kiffin and hope they do well under him. I think he'll bring a renewed energy to the team. If not, his wife sure will. Have you seen her? She'll look great in orange!

Jamie and I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Be careful this holiday season.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the Chinese aren't monitoring your blog. If they are, I'm not sure that it is good to mention "burning" down anything. I don't want the two of you to end up in a Thai or Chinese prison like Bridget Jones! Just sing "Like a Virgin" until we get you out! : )

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