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Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter from China

From Easter 2009

Strange Easter Sunday, but I awoke on Easter morning and ran for 16 minutes, then went back to bed for a couple of hours. Jamie was flying at the time and scheduled to arrive in Hong Kong at 7:05. This would give her over an hour and a half until the last ferry of the evening left for Shekou. Unfortunately, Jamie ended up not being able to take the ferry because her plane landed late, so she had to take the land route by cab, which is more expensive and more of a pain.

Prior to going to work, I walked around SeaWorld and enjoyed the people celebrating several different things. For some, it was a celebration of Easter Sunday and family time. You can see the egg decorating in the pictures in the EASTER 2009 Photo Album HERE.

There were also people there celebrating Thailand's New Year Songkran: The Water Splashing Festival. The following excerpt from Thailand Songkran Festival 2009 introduces us to the festival:

Held annually on 13-15th April, Songkran Festival is undoubtedly the most festive and celebrated event of the year in Thailand. Songkran marks the Thai New Year (Thai Lunar Calendar year) and is the biggest and most fun-filled time of the year.

Songkran (Song Kran) is an important holiday for Thai people, the large majority of whom are practicing Buddhists. It is a time to reunite with their families, make merits in temples, visit and show their respect to older folks and perhaps above all, it is a time to get soaked up and cooled down in the Songkran ‘Water Fight’ that takes place on just about every street in this country during this hottest month of the year.

While I didn't see any water splashing, there was an large white elephant set up at SeaWorld for the occasion. Maybe there will be people down there today splashing water. Pretty cool! More information on Songkran at the Wikipedia article HERE.

There are a couple of pictures in there of a little baby with the famous Chinese split pants. We are getting used to seeing this, but it is still funny and a bit odd every time we see it. The last few pictures are of Griffey at school chilling in a borrowed bean bag. He's the best dog in the world as voted on by everyone who took the survey.

I went to work about noon and stayed until 9:00 when I went to meet Jamie at the ferry. I figured she had missed the ferry, but Griffey and I went anyway just in case. By the time I walked back the apartment, she was there waiting for me. I didn't get too much work accomplished because the Internet was down for most of the day.

All for now. 2 more weeks until we are off for Bali. I'm getting excited about it as we haven't had a trip in a while.

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