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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Class Schedule

Jamie and I received our classrooms and class schedules today. Just about everyone in the school teaches Reading 1st period, Language Arts 2nd period, and Math 3rd period. If you are not teaching, you are helping with the Intensive English students. The structure of the school is amazing; and despite turnaround in administration and teachers, everything seems to be coming together.

Both Jamie and I are teaching 12 year olds. They call them by age at QSI instead of grade level. In addition to Reading, L.A., and helping in a Math, I am teaching a couple of periods of cultural studies (social studies) and one period of study hall. Jamie's schedule is more diverse. She teaches Reading, L.A., helping in a Science, and a Science class on her own. She also teaches an Intensive English (I.E.) pullout class. Our largest class is only 13 students.

The main struggle will be teaching the I.E. students. Although few, we will have some students with very limited to no English language skills. We are also teaching mastery learning, so that means that the students receive only A's and B's for the work they earn. If they do not attain an A or B, we will reteach the unit, and they will retake another form of assessment. Other students in the classroom are working on what could be called enrichment assignments.

There is so much to add concerning our teaching. I'll try and add a little at a time. If you have any questions, just email me and I can get back with you. It is amazing to see the differences and similarities of what we are used to in Georgia and what they do here. Many things much much better, but some not.

The picture above was posted at the bottom of our elevator. Some English issues, but the funniest one is the last line that discusses "refueling."

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Kevin said...

Hey, great to hear things are going well. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your school & classes. Especially the differences.
Make sure & lock that burglar proof gate! That sounds significant.
Take Care

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