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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
- Mark Twain

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Costs in China

Jamie went to a foot massage place this afternoon. School paid for all of the new teachers to go. The massage your feet, then soak them while you they are massaging your shoulders, neck, shoulders, thighs, calves, then feet again. For this dandy package, it costs $7. Pretty amazing.

Jamie and I went with some new co-workers out to a local Chinese food restaurant. I believe I have found my new place. I told you before about a place called Garwon's, a Chinese fast food restaurant. The place tonight I don't believe has a name. You basically go in, point to some vegetables that will be stir fried with pork and they bring you a bowl of rice. Plenty of food! It was amazing. Our hosts decided to foot the bill for us and their 2 kids. Total costs for the 6 of us... $5.22.

The picture above holds the funniest story of the evening. Our hosts for the evening sent their 2 boys, 11 and 8, across the street to this store. This picture was taken from our seats at the restaurant. When the boys got over there, they had an odd look on their face and came immediately back. Immediately, our host determined what was the cause for their quick return. I won't post the full picture here, but you can see it at the end of China Album 2 at the bottom of the screen. I will tell you that the part blocking the wall was the word "sex." We all had a good laugh and laughed harder when our friend asked his youngest boy, "Did you find anything you liked over there?" I'm laughing now as I type this.

Only in China!!! We're off to bed. More adventures I'm sure tomorrow.
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