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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm Lovin It!

First of all, everyone should give Jamie at pat on the back from 7000 miles away for her first post yesterday. Not sure if we'll hear a lot out of her, but we'll see.

Secondly, I'm loving teaching here at QSI Shekou. The kids are respectful, quiet, and will do anything you ask without complaining, whining, or griping. Simply amazing! Jamie and I were talking today about what we spend out time discussing about school. Prior to this year, we spent 90% of our time venting about the various discipline problems we had at school for the day or frustrations with certain students. So far here, we've spent 95% of our time planning our lessons and discussing the best way the students will learn from our instruction. Once we get our supplies, the sky is the limit with how we will teach.

While this will never happen because of cost (especially if a Republican stays in office), American schools can learn a valuable lesson concerning class size. Sure, most states have a required minimum of 28 or so students, and some might even have a minimum of 20. There is so much more you can do with only 12 students in the room. Even some of my worst students I taught back home could be controlled if there were only 12 of them in the classroom. Plus, with the exception of one classroom I know, (i.e. L. Hall if you are reading this), most classrooms do not have 12 major discipline problems in it anyway.

I guess I'm coming off the top here, but I'm amazed at behavior of the students so far. Perhaps they are scared to death of the Appalachian American and his weird accent. Perhaps they will unleash the fury next week. I'm seriously doubting and hoping not.

Feel free to post any comments in the comment section or email me. I get random emails from people but would love to hear from my family, friends, and previous co-workers.

Sleep tight America!

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