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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
- Mark Twain

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year 2009 Day 1

Jamie and I went Saturday morning into Hong Kong. We missed the ferry (again), so we took the land route. They changed our bus route after we went through the border, but we figured it out as it just dropped us off one stop too early. So our day was:

1) Taxi to border from apartment
2) Walk across China/Hong Kong border through Customs
3) Take a bus to the MTR Station
4) Stopped too early, so we had a to take a light rail one stop down to MTR
5) MTR to one station in Kowloon
6) Change in Kowloon and take another MTR route to Central
7) Eat lunch at a great Mexican restaurant we found "Tequila" riding up the mid-level escalators
8) MTR to Hotel
9) Check in to our sweet hotel overlooking the bay, Hong Kong skyline, Kowloon skyline, and Victoria Part, and take a nap
10) MTR to Central
11) Change and take MTR to Kowloon
12) Change again and take MTR to Kong Mok
13) Watched Bolt, the movie
Bolt was amazing. If you haven't seen this little movie, it is absolutely wonderful. It'll have you laughing throughout and has a great little meaning with great voice overs. We went to a new theater and really enjoyed it. We missed out on an opportunity to see it in 3D, but it would have been more expensive anyway. This one was great.
14) After movie, took MTR back to Kowloon
15) Change and take MTR to Central
16) Change and take Airport Express Train to airport
17) Picked up Gary and Kathy (Great to see them!) They had a good flight and was right on time. They seemed tired, but raring to go!
18) Airport Express back to Central
19) Change and took MTR back to our hotel
20) We were hungry, so we just ate at the hotel restaurant with our free drink and listened to some Chinese karaoke.
21) Crashed that night...

I just thought I'd show you a run down of how you have to get around Hong Kong. You can take taxis just about anywhere, but it can get expensive. We saved over $80 US by taking the Airport Express train instead of a taxi to/from the airport. You can also take buses just about anywhere, but we do not know the routes yet. There is also a neat little trolley that rides east and west on Hong Kong island that is convenient and cheap. We are happy we finally have figured out how to get around Hong Kong pretty efficiently.

Today is Sunday and we've had a great day today also. I'll write more about it later.


Master B said...

Happy Chinese New Year. I live in Cartersville and stumbled across your blog in a search. My wife and I have traveled to many countries so we applaud your adventures. As a long time martial artist and student of Tai Chi, I hope you have some time to spend learning some of the Chinese Martial Arts. Have fun!

Magnus said...

Have fun in China and eat everything you can. Learn as much as you can and go out and explore when you can. I LOVED HONG KONG!!

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