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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Weekly Update

Been a while since I posted, but there really isn't much to talk about. Here is a run down of some things going on...

1) Booked! Our flight and condo in Bali, Indonesia. We were able to exchange a week of our timeshare in Orlando for one in Bali. We also found a great cheap flight that will work out quite well.

2) We both have decided to stay in the middle school next year. Jamie had toyed with the idea of teaching Chemistry at the secondary school, but the scheduling wasn't quite what she was looking for. The 11 year old class coming up is a great group, so it should be fun. We will move back to the main campus building next year.

3) Jamie's parents are flying in next Friday and landing here on Saturday night. We have a trip planned for them that included Hong Kong, Shekou, and Beijing for 5 days. They will fly back out of Beijing the following Sunday. We are excited because we will finally get our Rosetta Stone, DVDs, and some other items that haven't been able to ship over here.

4) Griffey is still doing great. He is getting used to the city more. It has been quite warm here the last couple of days, so he has enjoyed sitting on the balcony in the sunshine.

5) Dissertations are coming along. Slowly, but both Jamie and I are about to begin some heavy writing of the first 3 chapters. After this next break for Chinese New Year, we really do not have another one until we leave for Bali at the end of April; so we'll have plenty of time to work on it then.

6) As of now, we'll be flying back home around Saturday, June 13th. Our last day of school is June 12, so it'll depend on the flight situation. We hope to make a small pitstop over in Seoul, South Korea and tour there four a few days before coming back. We'll see.

7) My parents and niece are still scheduled to come back over with us after our month back home. We will then travel around China to some pretty amazing places like Hong Kong, Beijing, Xi'an, Chengdu, Guilin, and Yangshou. We are excited my niece will get to see all of this.

8) That's all. I've tried to add some captions to our pictures from Thailand slowly but surely. They are still there if you want to browse.

9) Shoot us an email sometime. We'd love to hear how things are from back home. Haven't heard from anyone in quite some time.

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