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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Day 13 - Panglao Island and Bohol

From Jamie's Philippines Pics

On Wednesday, we took a day long trip around Bohol Island. We first went to the famous Chocolate Hills in Carmen. As you can see from our pictures, there are hills scattered about the countryside each and of themselves. Some are connected, but many are just large mound hills. During the dry season (not now), they turn all turn brown, thus Chocolate Hills. They had cut down the vegetation on a couple of them so tourist during the wet season could see the chocolateyness of them.

The rest of the day was stopping and going in various stops. We saw the world's largest captivated python weighing in at 250 kg and over 26 feet long. She was named Prony and was 12 years old.

We saw where the original natives signed a "Blood Compact" with the Spaniards, were a statue now stands commemorating the treaty.

We stopped off briefly at a bamboo swinging bridge.

We drove through but stopped at a manmade forest. A university in Bohol started a project 50 years ago where any student going to the university would plant a tree in this "forest." Many of the trees are tall and skinny and all seemingly perfectly lined up. Interesting.

We saw the areas oldest cathedral, the Baclaran cathedral. I think they are just now in the renovating stages of this, but it is already beautiful, but will be gorgeous when the do restore it completely.

The highlight of the day was the Tarsier monkeys. This is one of the most famous tourist attractions in all of the Philippines, and it didn't disappoint. Literally on the side of the road near the river, they have set up a little area where 14 tarsiers can be seen by anyone. The tarsier is the world's oldest mammal (someone can fact check that for me) and the world's smallest primate (pretty sure about that one). It has huge eyes, and I think I remember reading how it was the inspiration for the little fuzzy creatures in the Gremlins, a Mowgwi (although I have no idea how to spell it). Gizmo was one.

We had only seen one for about 10 minutes, but then one of the workers showed us several more, then when he noticed we were really into them, he plucked some off of the trees and let us hold them, pet them, and have our pictures. Great pictures by the way you have to see! This by far was the coolest part of the day and certainly a highlight of the trip.

We arrived back at our villa in the afternoon and took naps and just relaxed the remainder of the day.

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