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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guiling to Yangshuo - Li River Cruise

From Eric's Pics

Monday August 3rd

Today was a day that I had been talking about for months to Mom and Dad. Almost everyone we have met in China has recommended this cruise, so not doing it when you come to Guilin isn’t really an option. After checking out of our hostel in Guilin, we took a bus ride to the dock in Guilin for our Li River cruise. They boarded us on a river boat, provided us with a river map with pictures, and told us the journey would be 4 hours. We floated down the river enjoying the karst landscape of the region. They tried to point out some things to us, like the “9 horses” on the walls of the mountain (of which I could really only find 2 and the other 3 I found was stretching it). They provided a typical Chinese lunch and we were also able to catch some pictures of the scenery located on the back of the 20 yuan note.

It is really hard to describe to you the beauty of this region. You can of course see the pictures and enjoy seeing the various mountains and hills, but one really just has to come out here and see it to fully understand. Of course, I try my best to provide everyone back home with my own personal viewpoint as I take a zillion pictures. Be sure to check them out in the albums. Between me, Dad, Jamie, and Samantha, you should get a decent idea of what it was like.

The river cruise ended at promptly 1:00, and we were sad to have it end. I think all of us could have sat in the air condition windowed top part of the boat and watch that scenery all day long.

We were picked up at the dock and taken to the Yangshuo Outside Inn, a small rustic inn with cottages that is about 5 minutes outside the city of Yangshuo. I purposely chose this place because I thought it would be a great place to stay after being in city after city and a way to unwind after our long journey through China. It didn’t let us down despite being crazy hot and humid here. We have a small 2 bedroom cottage with aircon downstairs only. We relaxed around the place for the entire afternoon enjoying the food, reading, FINALLY getting on the Internet, and playing pool. A great dinner finished off the day. Despite the heat, we slept like logs; however, we had to get up at 4:30 the next morning for our next adventure…

As always, check out the pictures of the Li River cruise.


peterson said...

I have some photos here, one of them is the 20RMB banknote scenery. I was amazed to see it still there.

peterson said...

Oh, forgot to put the link in my previous comment

Li River Cruise

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