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Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness."
- Mark Twain

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Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Day in Yangshuo and on to Philippines

Wednesday, July 5

We had one last day to either hang out in Yangshuo or go back to Guilin. We opted for another day in Yangshuo and decided to check out one of the local caves. Called the Water Cave, they took up by a small boat into the opening of the cave via an underground river. From there, they did the typical walk through a cave spotlighting things with the flashlight which were supposed to look like something (a Buddha, a girl washing her hair, an elephant, etc.). It was a bit hokey, but still a cave and pretty cool. The highlight of the trip was the mud pit for a bath. Samantha dover right in and covered herself completely as did Jamie, although somewhat at a slower pace. I didn't really want to do it, but didn't want to be a party pooper, so I did, but refused to dunk my face. I have a thing about getting water and such around my eyes, much less a ton of mud. Mom even decided to join the fun and came right in after us. Decent pictures of us in Dad's album.

That took pretty much the whole afternoon and after a quick shower back our our inn and dinner, we were off to the Guilin airport for a 50 minute flight back to Shenzhen. We were delayed over 4 hours due to inclement weather in Shenzhen and didn't arrive in Shekou at our apartment until about 3:15 am all exhausted.

Thursday, July 6

Mom, Dad, and Samantha's last day in China was spent pretty much relaxing. Dad bought him a new mp4 player from a local electronics store, Samantha rested up, Mom and I went to see QSI's preschool, Jamie washed a ton of clothes, and I escorted everyone around while preparing for our trip to the Philippines the next day. Dinner was Pizza Hut because we were all too exhausted to go to IKEA.

Friday, July 7

Somewhat frustrating, but Cebu Pacific Airlines is teh only airlines where you cannot take the ferry from Shekou to Hong Kong International Airport. Go figure. So, instead of escorting Mom, Dad, and Samantha to the airport, we had to say our goodbyes at the ferry terminal and Jamie and I had to go all the way to Central Hong Kong just to turn around and take a cab back to the airport. We arrived at our terminal and gate 5 minutes before boarding after panicing we'd miss our flight to Manila.

We are here in in Manila, Philippines at a small little hostel/inn outside of the ciy. At least Blogger works here in the Philippines, so uploading pictures and such will be easier. Here is a breakdown of where Jamie and I will be going in the next 2 weeks while here in the Philippines.

Manila, Taal Volcano
Coron Island
Boracay Island
Cebu City
Panglao Island

I'll be posting pictures as always as well as keeping you informed our our travels here. It will be a mixture of relaxing on beaches and some sightseeing.

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