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Saturday, September 13, 2008

2008 International Brunch

Today, Jamie and I participated in the International Brunch at QSI Shekou. Basically, this is a time where all the administration, faculty, students, and parents celebrate each others' heritages by preparing a native food and dressing in native dress. As you can see from the photo slideshow below, the United States does not have any cool native dress, so most Americans just dressed up in crazy red,white, and blue attire. Jamie had on her tailgating outfit of a red skirt, black shirt, and freshly painted red toes. I decided to go with my UT polo and jeans. What's more American than that? Jamie made her Southern caviar, and it turned out great! Cost us a small fortune to make it, but all is well. We had to go to a special American only store for dijon mustard, Fritos, and black eyed peas and the cost of those items are at least triple the amount. The 2 bags of Fritos alone cost us $10.00. We had quite a bit left over, so we'll be eating Southern Caviar for quite some time.

The photos tell the story somewhat. Each nation had their own table or tables. The largest tables of the day were the American tables, South Korean (who had their own room), the Brazilian table, and the Japanese table. The Japanese food was by far the most popular as most of it was eaten within the first hour. Jamie and I spent out time tasting just about every table and nation, although we certainly didn't each because they were either already eaten and there was just too many. QSI Shekou has students from 46 nations! The Brazilians are a lively bunch and the Japanese really decked out in their native dress. You can see from the pictures that it was an amazing event.

Food that we tried: we are not sure the name of most of it nor can we remember. I do remember dried bull tongue. It tasted just like beef jerky. The Indian food was delicious as was Isreali and Malaysian food. The South Korean/Chinese/Hong Kong/Tiawan room smelled just like my classroom does at lunch, mainly of Kimchi and Guksu. All of the Korean boys have taken to my room during lunch to eat for some reason.

Jamie and I had a nice relaxing day of laundry and watching TV and resting up for tonight. UT plays at 12:30 am here on Yahoo Sports and UGA starts at 3:30 am on CBS. We'll go to the school to meet some people at 8:00 am to watch the USC/Ohio State game. Fanatics? Perhaps, but we'd be doing the same thing just different time of day back home.

Have a great day and check out the photo album below for pictures of the International Brunch.

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