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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sushi with Suji and Company

After one of our wonderful faculty meetings today, Jamie and I went with Mike and Suji to eat Sushi. It was actually the first time I have ever eaten at a sushi place. I have eaten pieces of sushi before, but this one had a carousel that paraded the dishes in front of you. Jamie and I chose about 8 plates (there are usually only 2 pieces of sushi per plate, so don't think we are pigs) and everything was delicious! It can be a bit pricey, but it was at the local mall and everything in that mall is way overpriced. It was worth it nonetheless.

We had 3 people join to be a follower today, so welcome to the blog. I hope those who have signed up to follow will do so on a regular basis. I personally believe you should check it at least 10 times per day and re-read the posts. Do I have to start giving quizzes? Perhaps that will help.

Classes are still going well and we have definately settled into a groove. Next week, we have 2 standardized assessments to give our Reading and Language Arts classes. Poor kids. The kids are still really well behaved, but have started to get a little rowdy in the times of lunch and between classes. Typical 7th grade rowdiness. Once the class starts, they are mostly on target and doing their work. There have only been about 3 classes in my 8 years of teaching where I could leave the room or sit at my desk and know that all of the students were doing their work. All of my classes except for 1 are like that and in that 1 class, only about 2 students struggle because of the language.

Mock trial is getting better as the students are learning the vocabulary and court procedures. I am turning one of my classes loose on a civil case I designed and used with my freshman civics students last year. I think these 12 year olds will probably do better, but we'll see. Baby steps.

I am sponsoring the Middle School Student Council and we are holding elections next week. Tomorrow, the students running for President, Vice President, and Secretary are giving small speeches to the entire middle school. Some have already started campaigning and trying to garner votes. They are promising exciting socials. Some, like many politicians in the U.S, are trying to promise the world to get elected, i.e. no homework, longer recess, etc.

Jamie and I are really enjoying our weekends and are waiting for the weather to continue to cool down so we can go hiking around some of the small islands in Hong Kong. On Lantau Island, there is the world's largest Buddha statue at the top of its peak. That'll be a site. We leave for Cambodia on September 26th and can't wait!!! I still have to book some hotel rooms for us, but that won't be a problem. Even some of the nicer ones are only $50 per night.

About all for now. I hope you all are enjoying the Whack-a-Gator as much as I have. Take care and have a good day. I hope you have a better day today than the stock market did yesterday. Yikes!

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