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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bones Season Premier

Great new season of Bones premiered last night. Jamie and I are huge Bones fans and used Slingbox to record the 2 hour episode. We watched it as soon as we returned from school. Jamie fixed a great dinner tonight of fried rice, chicken, snap peas, baby corn, carrots, and bell pepper. It was yummy! Amazingly, the cost of this was probably 3 times as much as if we were to go out and eat the same thing. Cooking in is nice though and we have left overs. Not sure about going to Kowloon this weekend as it is supposed to rain but we'll see. Not much news. Kids are still doing well and the week has flown by quite nicely. We are settling into our groove of classes and were actually able to leave on time today. Of course, we are still getting there any time between 6:30 and 7:00 each morning.

We joined a new gym down the road. They gave a great group discount for the teachers, so we are only paying around $12 per month each. My side and back are still bruised, so I'll go check it out and probably just walk or something. Still hurts to run but I can now at least sleep on my right side. Our prediction of losing weight has not really come true. I probably lost some the first couple of weeks, but the food is great, plenty of it, and its cheap. Dangerous combination. Maybe the gym will keep us in shape.

All the news for tonight. We listened to Palin's speech online, and we have too many Republican friends to tell you how we really feel. Nonetheless, she gave a good speech. That is all I'm saying about it.

Don't forget to sign up to be a follower. Just put your name in there, but a picture would be nice. Congrats to my parents, Charles and Jewel, for becoming the first followers! Well, I was my own follower, but I wanted to see how it worked. I hardly ever check and see how the site looks anyhow. I took those world clocks, national geographic pics of the day, and other things off because I thought they weren't working. If they were in the states and you like them, let me know and I can put them back on.

Ok, all for now I promise. Sign up for followers and I'll be happy!


Gerry said...

I enjoyed the pics of Hong Kong. So many things coming from China to the US (Wallie World), you can see the starting point from your end with container after container. Wouldn't it be nice to see some full containers from the US being unloaded in their port. said...

Sarah Palin for President of the World (including China). said...

Sarah Palin for President of the World (including China).

amy asbridge said...

Eric and Jamie,
Go to the cagle poltical cartoon site to see some great commentary on Palin..
Chris Mathews commented this weekend the the real genius of the GOP has been to get Americans to worry about "who is in the White House" and not "what" is going to be done by the President serving there. The Republican strategist smiled in affirmation....

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