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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Nikon D60 = Sweet!

It's been a busy 24 hours for us. After school on Friday, Jamie and I stayed after to get some work done. We then went immediately to a co-workers apartment for some fellowship. We stated for a couple of hours and then I went to play poker. Ended up doing pretty well.

Saturday morning we decided to take a different route to Hong Kong. To make an extremely long and complicated story short, we took a cab for about $3, a bus for $3, a metro line for $3, and another metro line for $1. Total time of the trip, including going through customs ended up being about 2 hours. It only takes about 45 minutes to go via the ferry. Now, we went at the busiest time period and went as a large crowd, so that slowed us down. I think we might go this way more because it is so much cheaper, especially if you can split the cab ride. The picture above is at the customs crossing from Hong Kong and China. I once again got in trouble for using my camera. Turned out pretty good though.

We decided to go ahead the try and get the camera that I wanted. I had done my research and was prepared for what I thought might be a decent deal. Not really any to be found, but I did decide on the Nikon D60, which is a DSLR camera. So far, I love it! Came with a nifty bag and I'm charging it now so it'll be ready to go! I am excited about taking it on the trip to Cambodia at the end of the month.

Jamie and I found an English bookstore where we spent entirely too much money, but it was well worth it. We also found the Hard Rock Cafe and I've put some pictures in the Hong Kong slideshow below of it. Not too many though. Hong Kong was rainly and cloudy today, so pictures were somewhat out of the question.

We rode the Star Ferry across the bay from Kowloon to Hong Kong central. What is neat about this little 10 minute ride is that you get to see the entire Hong Kong skyline on one side of the ferry and the entire Kowloon skyline on the other side. Once again, no pictures because it was getting dark plus it was cloudy. I'll get some great ones on a clear day.

We have come back and collapsed for the evening. Jamie had thought about going for a massage, but she has turned in instead. The massages here are semi ful body and they really concentrate on your feet. Massage lasts about 45 minutes and total cost I believe is around $7. I don't let people touch my feet, so I'm not going to do it although Jamie is trying to talk me into it. We'll see.

Sorry for the short post. Sure does seem like we saw and did quite a bit today yet I have said much. A little birdy told me I should talk more about school and my students and the differences some of the issues I face with that. I think I will start doing that and fill you all in what Jamie and I deal with every day.

All for now, I'm loving my new camera, books, and adventure into Kowloon! Great day. Trying to find the Bulldogs on the internet, but having difficulty finding a radio feed.

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Anonymous said...

We used to live right next to the ferry terminal, and we absolutely love taking the bridge buses now. We compromise a little on the cost/time issue. Instead of taking the local bus, we take one of the private coaches to Kowloon Station. You can buy the tickets before you go into the immigration/customs building. They are like HK$50 each way. After clearing immigration, it is only 40-50 minute bus ride to the Elements mall. Cheaper and more frequent than the ferry, and no sea sickness.

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